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Louis Farshee


Louis Farshee: Lecturer on the Middle East.

Louis Farshee is an independent manufacturer's representative living in Beaverton, OR. Prior to his relocation to Oregon in 1995, he was active in various Arab American organizations in Texas and a president of the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter of the National Association of Arab Americans. During that time, he appeared on radio talk shows, TV, spoke before a variety of church, civic and academic groups and had numerous letters to the editor and op-ed pieces published. Additionally, he has had book reviews and articles pertaining to the Middle East published in academic journals and the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

Farshee, who is not formally affiliated with any activist group, has traveled to the Middle East on three separate occasions and holds a Master of Arts degree in International Relations from the University of North Texas where his major professor, Dr. Emile Sahliyeh, was one of the advisers to the Madrid Peace Conference.

Topics of Competence

  • Political Zionism. The creation, propagation and manifestation of Zionist ideology from 1897 to the present.
  • The Arab-Israeli Conflict. A discussion of events beginning in 1917 to the present.
  • Judaism, Christianity, Islam. A comparison of the beliefs of each faith as it relates to the tenets of the Apostle's Creed.
  • Islamic Religious and Political Thought. The origins and applications of Islamic religious and political culture.
  • US Foreign Policy. The perspective of this discussion is that US foreign policy is an extension of domestic policy fostered by special interest groups and bureaucratic inertia.

Contact Information

To schedule a no-fee lecture Louis Farshee may be contacted at 503/644-8399. Email: lfarshee@easystreet.com.









January 6, 2001