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Good News
A guide to honest journalism

Dear NileMedia Reader: One of the problems with taking on the mass media titans is that news junkies still need a daily fix of well-written and well researched timely news. Once you get a taste of quality journalism, you will never go back to the unhealthy diet that is dished out by the New York Times, CNN and their clones. The Internet now allows you to shop at newsstands around the world. So, do yourself a favor: cancel your paper, ditch CNN and give your brain some real nourishment. It does no good to complain about a product and still buy it because of brand recognition. Don't subsidize the media moguls. If you want good news, try the following list or make up your own. Please do what you can to let others know that these alternative media sources more than make up for the intellectual junk food they serve at the New York Times and CNN. Once you start reading these sites, you won't have time to spare for the second class merchandise peddled by Thomas Fraudulent or Aaron 'arson' Brown.

A note to the NileMedia reader: Even though we focus on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, we don't include any major web sites operating out of Arab countries in the following list. Even those that provide some fine coverage in English are subject to censorship laws that obviously taint the quality and integrity of their coverage. We have had some first hand experience with some of these outfits and we would rather not publish at all than subject ourselves to censorship of any sort.

For breaking news we recommend the following sites:

This is the web site of The Guardian, a British newspaper that provides very balanced and responsible coverage of the Middle East.

Go there as often as you can; if only to read Robert Fisk. He is a journalist of unusual courage who refuses to be intimidated by the Lobby's big guns.

Go and see for yourself. You get breaking news plus Amy Goodman, a real maverick. This progressive site is the wave of the future. Make them sweat, Amy.

Ramzy Baroud has made a name for himself by developing a site that has gained a well-deserved reputation for presenting balanced and rational coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

The lead editorial writer Justin Raimondo, who also runs the site, sets the standard for serious alternative press. He takes on the neocons every chance he gets and he has a uniquely irreverent and gutsy style. This particular media outlet provides easy access to quality news and opinions from a wide variety of sources, from the left and the right. This is a place where you can get ready access to Robert Fisk, Jim Lobe, Charley Reese, Patrick Buchanan and Karen Kwiatkowski, one of our favorites. The site breaks news as fast as any of the big guys. Aside from quality, you get a whole lot of quantity presented in a very user-friendly order. This is the bible for the anti-neocon movement.

This is the English language web site of Agence France-Presse. We should remind our readers that it was a cameraman for France 2 television who captured the disturbing image of Muhammad Al-Durrah cowering behind his daddy, as they were both assaulted by Israeli gunfire. In covering the current Palestinian uprising, AFP brings a dimension rarely seen in the American Mass Media. This is truly objective and reliable journalism.

This site is worth visiting on a regular basis. They publish a lot of 'mainstream' mass media content. But they weed out the real nuts. You won't find neocons published here. But you will find William Rivers Pitt and he is definitely worth reading. They pay a lot of attention to the Middle East and especially the occupation of Iraq.

For robust commentary, we recommend the following sites:

Go Nader. This being the election season, this site is where you can keep up with the only candidate worth voting for. We don't just need alternative journalism; we need alternative political parties.

Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Claire edit this newsletter. It often publishes writers from the Middle East and the views of quite a few Arab-Americans.

This web site is a unique platform that challenges the establishment media on important issues that have received slanted press coverage. Their sole mission is to give a diverse group of journalists and writers from around the world an opportunity to challenge the pundits of the mass media. It presents a wide spectrum of views from voices that are rarely heard, especially English speaking voices from Asia and The Middle East. It is a good place to get acquainted with the many progressive currents coming out of the Islamic world.

This site provides progressive content on a whole range of subjects and pays special attention to the follies of American foreign policy in the Middle East and beyond.

Another progressive site that publishes irreverent commentary on current events. It presents quite a bit of hilarious satire but also includes serious commentary.

This site was developed by a group of activists who are pioneers in confronting the major media titans. They have developed a cyber network that monitors the American Media on their coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. This talented group of activists is not shy about challenging any newspaper or TV network in the country. Their media alerts are especially useful. And they have built an impressive archive of articles and useful resources. They are a one-stop destination for those who want to pitch in against the biased media coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

This site gives you free access to the very best Palestinian writers including Hannan Ashrawi, Daoud Kuttab, Azmi Bishara, Mustafa Barghouthi and Eyad El-Sarraj. These Palestinian intellectuals write under the guns of the Israeli occupation army. Now that takes real courage and endurance.

Ali Abunimah is a one-man lobby in the fight for Palestinian Independence. We at NileMedia are amazed by his prolific output. Our question is, how does he get time to do radio debates and still crank out two or three articles a day. Ali is a very gifted and passionate writer who has even caught the attention of the mass media crowd. Once in a while, they actually take up his challenge for a debate. This guy does not lose debates.

FAIR is the place you can get to read a national treasure like Chomsky. FAIR has been offering well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship since 1986. They work to invigorate the First Amendment by advocating for greater diversity in the press and they scrutinize media practices that marginalize public interest, minority and dissenting viewpoints. As an anti-censorship organization, they expose important news stories that are neglected and defend working journalists when they are muzzled.

This is the Web site of a magazine run by Rabbi Michael Lerner, who is a voice of reason in the American Jewish community. Rabbi Lerner is pretty much the American equivalent of Peace Now. He still considers himself a Zionist and we have obvious objections to some of his ideology. However, he seems genuinely interested in promoting justice for the Palestinians.

This is a link to the Palestinian Mission to the United Nations. If you ever need an official document dealing with the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, this is the place to find it. An excellent site for serious students of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The site is well organized and easy to navigate.

January 9, 2001