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August 19, 2004
Free Palestine

By Son of Nun


Free Palestine
By Son of Nun
from the CD "Blood and Fire" 2004

I was born under an apparatus
that downgraded my class status
from citizen to subhuman savage,

It's hard to fathom but even harder to manage –
I'm a second class citizen in the land of my origin
forced to forage in a brutal reality that's devoid of humanity
for some semblance of sanity, where truth is profanity,
and in all actuality my right to life is considered a travesty,
we can't even bury friends without the threat of
their military showing up to carry out their vendetta,
a policy of extermination against an indigenous population
that's been fighting for emancipation

You want to end the violence? Then end the occupation.
You want to see defiance? Then deny us liberation.
This is Apartheid Palestine where sniper fire
gets showered from Israeli watchtowers.

This is for Haifa, this is for Rafah,
this is for Gaza, this is for Balata
This is for Tarek, this is for Basher,
this is for Mahmoud, this is for Ta'er,
This is for Fatmeh who was only 7,
and Samer shot dead at school at the age of 11.
What would you do if you were under occupation,
let them take your freedom or fight for liberation?

Long live the freedom fighters of the intifada
fighting for freedom today cause
there might not be a tomorrow. (x2)

Give me liberty or death,
cause I'd rather go out on my feet than on my knees when I take my last breath.
If you don't get it, you don't get it,
fighting Zionist oppression doesn't make you anti-Semitic -
They say our people won't ever live as one
They say this fight won't ever be done
They say our rights can't ever be won
They say the wall can't be undone
They said that we couldn't make it this far,
I say they don't know who we are
They say a lot of things, but they only say that mess
because they fear the change our organized power brings.
We've gotta keep it together so we can resist the pressure,
forever organizing to counter oppressors who endeavor
to sever the main vein that helps us maintain,
and stay sane in our fight to make change.

Don't let your tax dollars go to making people holler,
killing of our future scholars with Apache Helicopters.
Divest from this racist regime
until it redeems the dreams of those it killed midstream
Divest (x6) from Israel,
Divest (x6) from Israel,
Divest (x6) from the IDF,
Divest (x6) and lets lay apartheid to rest.

Long live the freedom fighters of the Intifada
fighting for freedom today cause
there might not be a tomorrow.

Free Free Palestine!
Long Live Palestine!
Long Live the Intifada!
Intifada! Intifada!

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