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May 02, 2002
Republican outrage at Dick Armey's bigotry

From Omie Ismail


Dear NileMedia Reader: We have been getting a lot of mail in response to the article on Dick Armey's open call for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. One of our readers, a young Republican from Los Angeles, was angry enough to send the President an email President@whitehouse.gov. We suggest you do the same. This is a very urgent matter and Dick Armey needs to be publicly rebuked by the President. You don't have to write a long letter. This is a very straight forward question of basic moral values.

Omie Ismail's letter to the President:

Mr. President, I would like to strongly express my deep concern that the Majority Leader Dick Armey, a Texan, expressed last night on MSNBC. During his interview, Mr. Armey, advocated for the removal of the Palestinian people from Palestine. The House Majority leader has asked the United States and specifically you to support ETHNIC CLEANSING. According to the dictionary ethnic cleansing is defined as follows: The systematic elimination of an ethnic group or groups from a region or society, as by deportation, forced emigration, or genocide. Mr. President, I voted for you because I thought you were an honest and fair person, a quality that I thought was lacking in the previous administration and your opponent. It is your duty as the President of the United States to denounce anyone that supports ethnic cleansing and bring some sanity to the Congress.

Omie Ismail

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