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May 28, 2002
It's The Occupation Stupid

By Kelly Harrison, PhD


Dear Senator Hutchison:

Thank you for your response to my message about the Palestinian situation. Your message is the standard line put out by Zionist and neo-conservative Christian lobbyists for years.

It is clear that you do not even begin to understand the seriousness of America's continued unlimited support for a "democracy" that has brutally occupied and beggared 3 million people. Perhaps because your fellow Texas legislator, Dick Armey has stated on national television, "I would be glad to have Israel grab all of the West Bank", The Likud Party and its even more radical ruling coalition have now stated they never intend to withdraw from Palestinian lands or permit a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River. You and your congressional colleagues have now squarely put America in the position of violating every civilized international law.

I am ashamed, disgusted and worried that adding to the $100 billion of American taxpayer money given to Israel and permitting them to use it for ethnic cleansing will only anger the world. It will no doubt generate a new wave of terrorism against America and enhance the already burgeoning anti-semitic sentiment like the recent popularity of Le Pen in France and quite possibly bring a major war.

God protect us from immoral politicians like you.

Kelly Harrison, PhD.
International economist - with 15 years experience in the Middle East

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