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March 31, 2002
What a high school kid can figure out. The words of Maryum Kapitain.



I am an American student living in Egypt, and I must say that Prime Minister Sharon is responsible for what is currently happening in the Middle East. Every time there is a move towards peace, he does something big to stop it. That something usually throws the region into havoc and what I find to be the pity is that he is never critiscized for his doing. Come on...I'm only a high school student and I can see this, so why can't the international community? I must say that I am ashamed to be an American. Arafat is beseiged and Bush orders him to "do more for peace"? What is the poor man to do...send messages to the Palestinians via morse code with his flashlight? He has no other means! So, I take that back...not only am I ashamed to be an American, I am also ashamed to be a human being...if being human means killing and humiliating the innocent.

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