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March 09, 2002
The Final Solution, Israeli Style

By James Dean


The Final Solution, Israeli Style
By James Dean
The Heritage Network

The Middle East carnage and propaganda wars continue. Israel has been testing the waters in regards to crushing the PLO infrastructure in one massive blow, preferring to absorb the lump sum casualties versus a slower attrition. What I am beginning to sense here is that the Palestinians gaining the winning edge in the propaganda war could actually trigger such a blow with Israel gambling to ride out the international furor versus not being able to complete their 'Final Solution' to the Palestinian problem. They are working at it as I speak.

The Palestinian economy is being permanently destroyed to a point where an end to the intifada will still find the rightful owners starving in their own land. I would not put it past the Talmudist Israelis planning to push the Palestinian fringes to the point where they would launch major reprisal attacks on Israel, giving her exactly what she wants, the opportunity to finish them off.

Israel Shamir told us when he was here that 500,000 Thai and Chinese agricultural slaves have already been brought in. Russian immigrants would be the cannon fodder of a new war as were the Russian kids in the nightclub bombing. There has been a virtual US media blackout of all the press coverage in Israel regarding the evidence of Mossad involvement in staging the bombing as a provocation incident. Besides being excellent Arab civilian killers, the Zionists are also excellent Jew killers, having bombed their own synagogues in Iraq to encourage terrified Jews into emigrating to Israel.

People who will do that will do anything and I mean anything.

Another buried statistic in the abysmal coverage of the intifada are the maiming stats, which are running 100 to 1, with over 50,000 children maimed by IDF 'non lethal' weapons. I have seen dozens of the head shot x-rays with their rubber and plastic bullets that IDF snipers put through eyeballs and the thinner face bones.

They are good shots.

The world is slowly awakening to this slaughter. It remains to be seen if the Palestinians run out of people before the Zionist fascists finish them off. But foreigners are pouring into Israel, going to the villages and standing with the Palestinian civilians, along with brave Israeli Jews, ashamed at the crimes of their goy hating fellow Jews. Of course you have see none of this in the US media. The fix is in, especially in the broadcast media but not as completely as it used to be.

Money still rules over truth, and the US Jewish lobby has its purse open, big time. The US churches, the non-Zionist ones anyway, are also waking up to the extermination of the Christian community. Delegation after delegation has been returning with their horror stories of the atrocities inflicted by the IDF and settlers.

These people are telling the truth. The Israelis and their hired hands are lying to you. I stake my journalistic reputation on it. What they are doing over there is a crime against humanity. It's time for war crimes trials.

America's part in all of this is a sad one that will stain our history for a long time. But she can make some amends by preventing the Final Solution from being implemented. We owe that much to the Palestinians. And we should reclaim all the reparations money paid to the Zionist orgs and make them pay their victims.

My peace solution is to have both parties switch places, and put the Zionists in the camps for the next fifty years, along with their international supporters. Call it an exchange program. Then we can talk about a settlement. Despite all the Jewish grants, media control, and the Congresscritters in their pocket, the truth is coming out.

Georgia's own Cynthia McKinney is one of the few Congresspeople who have refused to sign the oath of allegiance to the Jewish Lobby. She, and the few others, are targeted for extinction, of course, in the redistricting.

And what are the plans for the rest of us poor subhuman goys?

A famous Atlanta Rabbi publicly stated in Dunwoody Monday night. While claiming to be a non-Zionist, he declared (we have him on tape) that the ultimate reason for creating Israel, as he interprets it, is to become the world's controller of power and wealth. Jews will eventually overthrow world governments and be assigned positions to lead the world. This, he felt, will occur in a short number of years.

So, there you have it, from a fellow American citizen. Somewhere along the way to enjoying America's bounty, the good Rabbi missed his ADL sensitivity training. Welcome to the dark side of multiculturalism.

This is Jim Dean, for the Heritage Network.

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