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March 31, 2002
More on Amanpour's suspect journalism

By Ali Muzeini


Several days ago, just prior to the recent spate of suicide bombings and Israels military offensive, Christiane Amanpour conducted a rare interview with hooded members of the Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. This militant group, whose targets included Israeli military as well as civilian targets, were asked by Ms.Amanpour how they justified attacking civilian targets and to which they replied that they prefer military targets, but because they are the weaker side they sometimes resort to civilian attacks. They added that the Israelis have shown no compulsion to spare Palestinian civilian targets, including their women and children, so they were also responding in kind.

This report was replayed back today on CNNI (1:00am/Atlanta time), but touched up with some creative editing. The part where the militants said that the Israelis also targeted their women and children WAS EDITED OUT! The brief 10 second snippet with those militant's words were neatly excised from the report.

Mr.Davis, you expressed concern to Ahmed Bouzid, president of Palestine Media Watch, about an AP photo on CNN's web site showing Israeli bulldozers tearing down Palestinian houses. This was compared to the original AP photo from which it was sourced but with a distraught Palestinian woman on the border that was neatly cropped out of CNN's version.

Well sir, here you have a blatant attempt to influence public opinion by removing wording from a report, apparently to spare the Israeli side, by making it seem that civilian casualties were only a one-sided affair (in which statistics to date have shown clearly not).

Its a shame that after so many warnings and pointers that this kind of manipulation was happening on a regular basis at CNNI, its still happening today. The person responsible, I believe, is a certain 'supervising producer' whom Mr.Cramer knows all about but has so far seemed impotent in dealing with.

This is about as clear of a 'smoking gun' incident of editorial rigging as you can imagine. You have the evidence in front of you all now. And you should know who the individual behind it is.

Ali Muzeini

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