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March 04, 2002
International Women't Peace Service - Palestine




The following initiative is being undertaken by international women who have previously joined the International Solidarity Movement on one or more campaigns. It is being done in coordination with the local Palestinian community and members of the ISM. For more information, please see the contact information below.


Reforest The Earth reforest@gn.apc.org wrote:


NEEDS 16 WOMEN NOW TO Spend three months a year, for three years in a Palestinian village support local efforts toward nonviolent peacemaking respond to any instances of injustice witnessed record and report abuses of human rights to the international community live and work in an international women's community alongside Palestinian people.

This is a 3-year project to set up and run an International Women's House in Haris, Salfit, Palestine from August 2002. It will provide trained women from the international community to witness, monitor, document and publicise human rights abuses; to peacefully intervene to try to stop such abuses from occurring and to support the growth in nonviolent resistance to the illegal and brutal Military Occupation of Palestinian lands in the West Bank and Gaza.

Women will live communally in a house in a village with basic facilities and under the restrictions enforced by the illegal Israeli military occupation. Each member of the team, of at least 16 women, will agree to stay for 3 months a year. Thus there will always be a presence of a minimum of four women, which will be supplemented by others staying for shorter periods.

It is essential that applicants have been to Palestine and been involved in nonviolent direct action somewhere. The minimum age is 21 years. The decision making will be largely by consensus and women should have some skills such as human rights monitoring or accompaniment, report writing, photography, computing, group process, or a willingness to learn. The working language will be English and it will be necessary to learn basic Arabic.

The following costs will be met by the project Full board and lodging in the International Women's House Travelling expenses to and from your home country Medical insurance A stipend of $275/185 per month whilst in Palestine

For an application pack please contact one of the people below:

Josephine Jaffray - Tel: +44-1539-732583 - Email: josephine@jaffray.fslife.co.uk

Angie Zelter - Valley Farmhouse, East Runton, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9PN, UK - Tel: +44-1263-512049 - Email: reforest@gn.apc.org

Nadya Waziri - Tel: +1-720-564-1462 - E-mail: solush@usa.net

If you are interested in the project but cannot apply for this post, please let us know as we shall be looking for volunteers at home and in Palestine and will also welcome visitors to the project.

Mission Statement of IWPS

The IWPS (International Women's Peace Service) wishes to develop projects where there are massive, violent, human rights abuses occurring. IWPS seeks to develop nonviolent skills, training and support for intervention in such conflict situations. IWPS is an independent non-governmental organisation that is supported by donations, grants and volunteers from global civil society. IWPS is run by women from different countries around the world and is intentionally diverse in recruiting support from a wide range of differing racial, age, religious, and cultural backgrounds.

Angie Zelter,
Valley Farmhouse,
East Runton, Cromer,
NR27 9PN.

Tel:- (0)1263-512049
e-mail: reforest@gn.apc.org

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