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March 31, 2002
How to cancel a subscription to pro-Israeli rags

By Anthony Joseph Geha Yuja


Florence March 29 2002


I have observed how your opinions on the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands are disgustingly and constantly slanted in favour of Israel and Sharon's distorted/dishonest view of history and reality. You also show an appalling and unforgiveable disregard for the reality of millions of Palestinians trying their best to survive under what is clearly a brutal, sadistic and humiliating israeli occupation whose criminal methods include demolishing vital civilian infrastructure (some of which financed by european tax money) and hundreds of houses, assassinating political activists, using helicopters and airplanes to attack population centers, and recently also killing medical and paramedical personnel as well as foreign journalists.

These continuous human rights abuses and war crimes are glaringly ignored by the WSJ but are leading an increasing number of brave and honest Israeli officers and soldiers to revolt against their own military and political leaders , since those abuses and crimes are blatantly at variance with traditional jewish values of justice and morality. Not only that but they have been repeatedly condemned by numerous european and international human rights and political organizations .

As a result I wish to cancel my subscription to the WSJ at the end of the current subscription period which ends on May 27 2002.


Anthony Joseph Geha Yuja
Via G. Verdi 1
Florence 50122

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