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June 18, 2002
Raise The Flag Of The Nation Of Palestine Immediately !!

By Patrick Johnston


By Patrick Johnston


Jerusalem bus bomb kills twenty, wounds over fifty victims. Hamas claims responsibility. The headline speaks for itself. Whether or not I, or any other individual or group/organization, or any government for that matter, condones or condemns the acts of martyrs is a moot point. In and of itself, the act of using martyrdom as a strategic weapon in the fight against Israel cannot simply be cast, or dispelled as sick, perverse, or random acts of terrorism, by those that choose to label the acts as barbarism and terrorism while in the same breath celebrating and embracing what Prime Minister Sharon and the crazed Zionists throw at the hapless and defenseless Palestinians and call it justified, or legitimate and not call it for what it rightly is and that is calculated terrorism against the Palestinian people that has been carried out systematically for over fifty years. Much longer in a historical context. It needs to be called for what it is on both sides.

The Israeli people need to come to grips with the gravity and the reality of the situation. No matter what the official spin thrown about by "Arik" and his followers is, the bottom line is the occupation of the Palestinian territories. Put anyone in office you like Israel: reelect Sharon, elect Netanyahu, Barak, it will not matter, it will all continue until you face the cold hard facts of your criminal behavior as a nation if for no other reason as complicity and lack of resolve to face the reality and consequences of your action or lack of action.

There will be no peace and security for anyone in Israel until Israel gets serious about facing the facts: Build your ridiculous fences, put in more choking check points, harass and murder more innocent Palestinian people, steal more land and property, deny all decency, humanity and rights. Rape, rob, steal and continue your plundering. Force more cantons and bantustans. Force attrition through assassinations, illegal incarcerations, mass detention and displacement all in the transparent disguised cloak of the genocide of the Palestinian people. You call it security measures and fighting terrorism, but in reality it is all part of the grand Israeli scheme of the forced elimination and removal of every last Palestinian from West of the Jordan River that clever little term "transfer". That is the plan of Sharon, his followers and the Zionists. They call it security and self-defense. We call it murder and genocide.

Be very careful Israel. You may have a well supplied Army and arsenal, but as America and Russia has learned the hard way, guerilla wars are virtually impossible to win. Horrible consequences, bloodshed and carnage will be exacted on both sides and in the end everyone will still be in the same place. Continuance of this absurd policy and direction is in itself suicidal. You must unilaterally withdraw from all of the occupied territories. Has the message and intent by the resistance to the occupation not been served upon the Israeli people adequately enough? Hamas, Al Aqsa, Tanzim, Force 17, the PFLP, Hezbollah and all of the others that will inevitably replace their demise do not beckon to the call of Arafat. They have shunned and refuted him. They have all warned you that your insistence at not only continuing the illegal occupation, put radically increasing settlement activity and numbers will bring upon you more and more acts of what they see to be legitimate means of resistance and revenge: The defense of their sovereign territory by whatever strategic means available, including martyrdom. Call it whatever you like: martyrdom, suicide bombings, murder bombings, terrorism, to them it does not matter. To them and the rest of the world it is plain and simple: get out of the territories and now! No quibbling and no hesitation Resolutions 242 and 383 must be implemented and honored as a starting point, not an end point. They view this as a right to resist with whatever means available to them and to reclaim what was taken from them and held from them illegally and not to be dangled before them as a "reward", or "prize".

Israel must make a determined and conscious effort to replace its errant leadership, immediately withdraw from all of the OPT and vacate all of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and return the Shebaa Farm Land. No negotiations, no limiting visions, no interim or piecemeal efforts, no tokenism, no Zone A and B partial considerations all of it unconditionally. Then and only then will Israel have lasting peace and security.

www.VoxRx.org: A United Nations Culture of Peace, peace, conciliation and human rights NGO offering lobbying and advocacy support to the peoples and groups from regions at risk, conflict and hostility, before the US Government, the United Nations, the European Union/Community and governments of the world.

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