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July 07, 2002
Peace Now Protests Sharon, Katsav Speeches At Transfer Conference



Peace Now Protests Sharon, Katsav Speeches At Transfer Conference:

The Israeli Peace Now movement protested the speaking appearances of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and President Moshe Katsav at yesterday's conference held in Jerusalem by the Moledet Party to promote its policy of 'transfer.'

'Transfer' is a euphemism for ethnic cleansing directed against Arabs in the occupied territories or in Israel. The big Moledet conference will be held at the Jerusalem Theater: 'Only Transfer Will Bring Peace.'

The PM and the President will honor the conference with their speeches, according to the party's announcement. Moria Shlomot, director of Peace Now, said, Sharon's presence at a conference about ethnic cleansing should alarm anyone who cares about the future of Israeli democracy. Sharon is legitimizing this heinous idea. This is where this government is taking us with the participation of Benjamin Ben-Eliezer and Labor. During his remarks to the 2,000 Moledet activists, President Katsav called on the party 'to set aside political considerations' and join the Sharon government. He also said their party plays an important role as an ideological movement during this critical time. (Peace Now statement, 6/20/02 & Jerusalem Post, 6/21/02)

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