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July 08, 2002
Jewish Nazi minister calls for killing Palestinians like "stray dogs"



Jewish Nazi minister calls for killing Palestinians like "stray dogs"

Occupied Jerusalem - Echoing Nazi racism against Jews and non-Aryan peoples, an Israeli cabinet minister who holds Nazi-like views toward non-Jews has called on the Israeli army to "kill Palestinians as one would stray dogs." "We should take to the field and shoot them with one bullet in the head," said Effi Eitam, Minister of Environment and leader of the National Religious Party (NRP). Eitam was quoted by reporters recently as saying that the best way to get rid of "problematic Palestinians is to kill them." Palestinian officials described Eitam's statements as "another unmisakable proof that Zionism is a racist movement very much like Nazism in Germany and apartheid in South Africa.

"Well, if you lived six decades ago, you would find that the only people who made remarks as such were Nazi leaders like Hitler and his cohorts," said PA minister Ahmed Abdul Rahman. The Israeli opposition camp also criticized the racist remarks.

"In a truly democratic government, Eitam would have been fired within five minutes of release of his statements, but it is quite clear the Israeli government is not a democratic one. It is a sad joke that Israel continues its ban on the Austrian government , while statements made by Joerg Haider don't even come near to those made by Eitam and other Israeli ministers," said a statement by Gush Shalom, the tiny Israeli peace movement.

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