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July 14, 2002
International Solidarity Movement with the Palestinian People



International Solidarity Movement with the Palestinian People

Dear NileMedia Reader: Please take the time to review the website of the International Solidarity Movement. The personal eyewitness narratives of these peace activists are incredible, especially when contrasted with the IDF propaganda from CNN and the New York Times. Right now the solidarity movement is mobilizing for a major campaign against the occupation 'Freedom Summer 2002'. We urge you to extend your assistance to these brave international peace makers, who risk body and soul to bring the story of the Palestinian people past the mass media monopoly press walls and into the history books. Help spread their stories and maybe the world will start to take notice of the intense wave of repression and collective punishment that is currently taking place in the re-occupied West Bank.

We also want to again advise you that a very important source of news, PalestineChronicle.com, is in urgent need of contributions to continue its mission to bringing the Palestinian narrative to the English speaking world.

Do what you can do to keep Palestinian hope alive.

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