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February 03, 2002
Palestine on Film



The Palestine Solidarity Committee presents:

February 15th: "People and the Land". Daily experiences in occupied Palestine, US connection, history and context. Good for beginners or for brushing up on details. 57 minutes. 1997. Tom Hayes.

February 22nd: "The Third Force" AND an Eyewitness Account of Palestine in December 2001. Film (15 minutes, 2001, by Tyson Smith) and Report Back by Trevor Baumgartner on his December experiences with the nonviolent International Solidarity Movement to end the Occupation.

March 1st: Jerusalem 1948: Yoom Ilak, Yoom Aleik. (not confirmed). This explains how Israel^s formation caused the Palestinian refugee problem. BADIL Resource Center. 45 minutes. 1998.

March 8th:"Measures of Distance", and "Children of Shatila".In celebration of International Women's Day, two films by Palestinian women. One explores relationships between a mother and daughter after a brief reunion in Beirut. In the other, children living in a refugee camp discuss theirlives and hopes for the future. 15 and 50 minutes.1990, 1998. Mona Hatoum, Mai Masri.

Seattle Independent Media Center, 1415 Third Ave.,Downtown. 7 pm.

Requested donation: $5. No one will be turned away.

Knowledgable presenters available at each showing to answer questions and facilitate discussion

Endorsed by the Seattle International Human Rights Coalition