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February 25, 2002
Clinton's Impartiality

By Firas Al-Atraqchi


On a recent visit to Israel, Hillary Clinton, Democratic Senator from New York, caught a case of suffuscus nasus, a peculiar ailment identified by a sudden brown coloring of the nose.

However, this did not prevent her from making some rather interesting comments:

"Yasser Arafat leaves a trail of violated vows and death along a path that could have and should have led to peace and life," she told members of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations meeting in Jerusalem.

"It is imperative that we do everything within our power not to give the terrorists any victory no matter how small or mundane," she went on to say.

Clinton failed to mention who she thought the terrorists were. Instead, she visited a downtown Jerusalem pizzeria where a suicide bomber killed himself and several Israelis last year.

While the former 'First Lady' continued her tour of Jerusalem, Reuters news agency reported that a Palestinian taking his pregnant wife to a hospital was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers at a military checkpoint near Nablus on Sunday. His 22-year old wife was wounded.

It is unlikely that Clinton will pay the family a visit.

It is also highly improbable that she will visit the site where four Palestinian women were blown to bits by a tank shell while they slept in their tent last summer. She did not visit the hospitals and field clinics were some 22,000 Palestinians were treated for their wounds.

Her itinerary will fail to include where 'the Israeli army demolished 60 homes in Rafah, southern Gaza, last month and then attempted to lie about it,' (Phil Reeves, Sharon's Hard Line Stirs Peace Movement; The Independent, February 11, 2002).

And she will probably ignore the site where Lieutenant Ishai Sagi, an Israeli reservist who has called for a pullout from Palestinian lands, described how, during one two-week stint in the West Bank, he was ordered to open fire at Palestinians who picked up stones for throwing at the troops. "There were no specifics about whether [the person] was a child, a woman or an elderly man," he said, "And there were no specifics as to where to shoot [the person]" (Phil Reeves, Sharon Suspends Reservists; The Independent, February 6, 2002).

No, Clinton will be too busy to be fair and impartial. We really can't blame her. After all she is too busy calling for solidarity with Israel's brutal policies and wiping her nose clean.

Firas Al-Atraqchi, MA, is a Canadian journalist living on the Pacific Coast

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