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August 19, 2002
Take Back America



Press Release - For Immediate Release

The March For Justice, P.O. Box 249163, Coral Gables, FL 33124,

Phone 305-673-4645, Fax.305-673-1452, www.marchforjustice.com

"Take Back America"


Americans join together to take back their Country
(MIAMI, FL, 8/17/2002)

“The March For Justice”, a Miami based civil and human rights group is organizing a rally/march in Miami Beach on September 9, 2002, in opposition to joint rally/fundraising by Jeb Bush/Ariel Sharon. The exact time and location of the "March" will be finalized once final details are confirmed as to the "Bush/Sharon" event.

In introducing its counter rally/march, The March For Justice released the following statement:

Do you believe in America and in American values?

Are you against War, Destruction, and Death?

Are you against terrorism and terrorists?

Are you against killing and murder?

Are you against racism, discrimination, and apartheid?

Are you against paying $10,000,000 a day from our tax dollars to fund terrorism?

Are you against election fraud?

Are you against corporate corruption?

Are you for national unity and against division, bigotry, and hate?

Are you against religious fanaticism, hate speech and hate crimes?

Are for the rights of our Native Americans, and against the assault on our native heritage?

Are you for better education, better health care, and better America for ALL AMERICANS?

Are you against Secret Evidence, Patriot Act, police state, and the attack on civil liberties?

Are you for better pay for our firefighters and better training for our police officers?

Are you against racial profiling, police brutality and police shooting?

Are you against cutting Medicaid and social welfare programs?

Are you against funding the rich at the expense of the poor?

Are you for better education and better pay for teachers?

Are you for the right of working people to form unions?

Do you feel safer today than a year or two ago?

Are you for the right of all citizens to equal protection and due process?

Are you Proud To Be American, not exactly sure why, but proud any way?

Are you better off today than a year or two ago?


No matter what your answer is, this is our America, it is our right, and this is your March. Even though it is Florida, your voice this time will be heard loud and clear.

The March For Justice invites all concerned Americans to join in and cosponsor such a historic event. The event will start with a rally which will be followed by a March to exercise our right to stand for our country.

The March For Justice invites all those who are concerned about America, humanity, and world peace to come out and join in the launch of the campaign to:


The March encourages all those who would like to participate to start making arrangements as for the day and place above. We will be making updates, as more details are available.

(You may prepare your own banners, signs, or pictures. Groups are invited to designate a spokesperson to take the podium in the rally that precedes the march. Please arrange with the March spokesperson.)

CONTACT: Spokesperson: Nidal Sakr, 305-673-4645 (The March For Justice)
Email: info@marchforjustice.com
Web Page: www.marchforjustice.com

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