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August 14, 2002
Support Robert Fisk and Donahue



I understand and appreciate that many of you, as am I, have many responsibilities and many concerns which we think are crucial. But these are times when our rights to free speech and due process have been severely cut back. Without freedom of the press, we personally will be put in ever more danger. So, I urge you to act on the two requests below. Each will take less than 5 minutes.
Betty Molchany, J.D.

1. The Donahue show is coming under intense pressure and criticism from pro-Israeli groups because of Donahue's stance on allowing the Palestinian voice to be heard, and the truth to be told. Phil Donahue is one of the very few public figures who is allowing the truth of the illegal Israeli occupation to be told. WE NEED TO SUPPORT HIM!! This is very critical! Please write & watch his show in support.

Donahue is on MSNBC weekdays at 6 & 9pm (MST). E-mail a letter of support to the producer at: Daniel.Primer@MSNBC.COM

2. Robert Fisk, award-winning reporter for the Independent (UK), has been receiving death and other threats at his home and work. To assure his continuation, please click on this hyperlink.

It is irresponsible to sign with ONE name only or to sign more than once. When you do this, you jeopardize the validity of the entire petition.


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