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August 26, 2002
Not Another Goldstein!!!

Press Release


Press Release - For Immediate Release

The March For Justice,
PO. Box 249163, Coral Gables, FL 33124,
Phone 305-673-4645, Fax.305-673-1452,



Americans Demand Swift Appropriate Response to Uncovered Terrorist Plot

(MIAMI, FL, 8/24/2002) The March For Justice, a Miami based, human rights organization, is calling on Government officials, Jewish organizations and media, and the public to respond, in kind, to latest terrorist threats against America and Americans.

The March statement is made in response to the reports that a Florida doctor was arrested after police found more than 15 homemade explosive devices in his home. The alleged terrorist drafted a detailed plan to blow up a Muslim educational center in addition to some 50 mosques and Islamic Centers. The terrorist suspect was arrested after his wife reported death threats he made against her, which may have prevented another national tragedy.

In a statement released by The March For Justice, spokesperson, Nidal Sakr, said:

"As we prepare for a "National Day of Unity" to commemorate our "All-American" national tragedy of September 11, we were all horrified by the news of the foiled terrorist plot. The averted national tragedy is reminiscent to the world tragedy that we all witnessed in 1994 when an American Zionist terrorist settler, Baruch Goldstein, who also shares the same last name as the one in the recent arrest, invaded a Holy Shrine in Hebron and gunned down scores of worshipping Muslim men, women, and children as they were kneeling to the creator in the peaceful Muslim morning prayer. The recent attack follows a series of reported terrorist attacks, hate crimes, and hate speeches in which Jewish organizations were named. The plot also follows an admittedly recent failed terrorist attempt by a Christian Fundamentalist to blow up an Islamic Center in Tallahassee.

The March recognizes the heroism of Mrs. Kristi Goldstein, apparently, herself, a fellow American and a Jew, for helping to avoid such a horrible national tragedy.

We are grateful Mrs. Goldstein remained safe as she was among the first victims to be targeted.

We thank all our supporters, particularly Jewish organizations, leaders, and members for their support and their condemnation for such despicable plot.

In the light of the apparent connection of such a tragedy to a series of other plots fueled by religious zeal and fanaticism, the March calls on taking the following immediate swift measures:

  1. Federal, State, and public officials are to publicly declare their position against all acts of terrorism, and religious fanaticism including those linked to self-claimed Jewish and Christian Fundamentalists organizations.
  2. All security measures to ensure safety of our citizens are to be uniformly applied to all communities that have been involved in and/or affected by hate speech and hate crimes.
  3. As crimes by Zionist, and fanatic religious organizations, contribute to alarming public misconception against noble faithful communities, we call on all the peaceful Jewish organizations to denounce such "un-Jewish" crime and any and all hate speeches. Similarly, we call on Christian leaders to denounce hate crimes and hate speeches by fanatic criminals as well as "leaders" as contrary to the messages of their peaceful Ibrahimic faiths.
  4. We commend the media when refrained from making any specific reference to the religious background of Mr. Goldstein, and we demand that the media avoids any and all irresponsible and inappropriate remarks to either religious or racial backgrounds of any and all suspects in other incidents.
  5. Today more than ever, it is incumbent on all of us to come together in peace and unity to reflect on the challenges we are all facing and to continue serving our communities and country particularly, at a time when leadership is needed to be demonstrated on every level to protect our national unity.

The March is also calling on our fellow Jewish community and other communities to join us in the launch of "Take Back America" to protest the exclusion and abuse of Jewish, Black, and votes of other communities. We will also stand in unity against terrorism, wars, the ongoing Palestinian Holocaust, and all attacks on civil and human rights.

CONTACT: Spokesperson: Nidal Sakr, 305-673-4645 (The March For Justice)
Email: info@marchforjustice.com
Web Page: www.marchforjustice.com

(Please stay tuned for further details on "Take Back America" scheduled for September 9)

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