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August 22, 2002
Evil intentions: Zionists want US to fight Israel's wars

By Tarek Sida


Evil intentions: Zionists want US to fight Israel's wars

By Tarek Sida
Special to Saudi Gazette
August 18, 2002

ISRAEL's Zionist friends have stooped a new low by instigating a multi trillion-dollar lawsuit against Arab and Islamic dignitaries, banks and charitable foundations particularly in Saudi Arabia and Sudan. More than 600 family members of the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks filed on Thursday a 15-count federal lawsuit in US District Court in Alexandria, Virginia alleging that 15 of the 19 hijackers who took part in the attacks were Saudi nationals. In a sweeping generalization, the report charges the defendants with racketeering, wrongful death, negligence and conspiracy. The 258-page electronically filed lawsuit is modeled after the action filed against Libya in the Pan Am Flight 103 disaster. Lead attorney Ron Motley said the plaintiffs were trying to freeze the assets held by the more than seven dozen defendants, seven banks and eight Islamic foundations in the US for instance, the Muslim World League and other Islamic charity and human relief organizations whose main function is helping impoverished refugees throughout the world. Motley made a false unsubstantiated allegation by telling reporters: That kingdom sponsors terrorism. This is an insidious group of people.

How can a country like Saudi Arabia which has always been in the vanguard of the struggle against terrorism be branded as 'terrorist'? Apparently, the Zionist circles in the US are trying to exploit the suffering of the families of the 911 victims in order to achieve their own evil ends. Foremost amongst their evil designs is the creation of a serous rift between the US and its closest Arab friends and allies in the Mid-east castigating them as enemies; and projecting Ariel Sharon and his ethnic-cleansing Zionist thugs as America's sole allies. Moreover, they are trying to stigmatize all Arabs and Muslims as “terrorists in order to divert attention from the ongoing genocide the Israelis are perpetrating against innocent unarmed Palestinian women, youth and children in the reoccupied West Bank, and Gaza Strip. In fact, the Israel-first Yiddish supremacists who control most of America's newspapers and mass media have been actively flaming anti-Arab and anti-Muslim hysteria in the US in order to goad the American administration into invading Arab and Muslim countries, so as to 'root out' what they have described as “sources of Muslim terrorism. Just 10 days ago, the Washington Post reported on a leaked July 10, 2002 'secret' Pentagon briefing that depicted Saudi Arabia 'of all countries' as 'an enemy' of the US, whose oil fields and overseas financial assets should be targeted. As later revealed, Laurent Murawiec, the author of that infamous report, is a Polish-born Zionist who works for the Rand Corporation. Furthermore, the Pentagon's Advisory Board to which Murawiec's report was submitted was chaired by Richard N. Perle, a long-time Israel-firster who just happens to be one of the most prominent advocates in Washington of an invasion of Iraq. Recently, two neoconservative magazines ran articles just as vociferous as Murawiec's Pentagon briefing. In its July 15 issue, the Weekly Standard, edited by Willian Kristol a former chief of staff of former American vice president Dan Quayle, who by the way attended the aforementioned July 10 briefing wrote about what it described as “The Coming Saudi Showdown. The recent issue of Commentary published by the American Jewish Committee also carried a venomous article entitled, Our Enemies, the Saudis.

Simply put, the Zionists want America to fight their own wars. They want America's sons to die fighting Israel's dirty wars. They want Washington to destroy the formidable regional Arab and Islamic powers, so as to make it easier for Sharon's troops to step in, and usurp the Arabs and Muslims' lands, wealth and natural resources; and carve out a Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates.

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