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April 26, 2002
What Are They Hiding?

From Gush Shalom



What really happened in the Jenin refugee camp?

Throughout the assault, the army prevented Israeli and foreign journalists from getting close and reporting.

This gave rise to rumors about horrible events, in the wake of which the United Nations appointed a fact-finding mission of the highest order. Sharon pretended to accept this, but started at once to torpedo its task, undermine its legitimacy under ridiculous pretexts and set in motion a major propaganda campaign against it.

Now the whole world is asking: What is the terrible secret, which Sharon and Mofaz are trying so hard to hide?

The Occupation Is Killing All Of Us! Tomorrow, Saturday, Gush Shalom, in cooperation with the other peace movements, will demonstrate against Sharon's war. Participants will gather at Cinematheque Square and march to Museum Square, where a mass protest meeting will be held.

Gush Shalom,
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Gush Shalom ad published in Ha'aretz,

April 26, 2002.

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