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April 10, 2002
Protest/event on SATURDAY, APRIL 20



Please join your neighbors at a very important protest/event on SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 2002, from 11:50am to 1:00pm at WESTLAKE PARK (4th and Pine, Seattle).

The event is an organized coalition protest to voice our concern about the challenges Americans face since 9/11, the protest will focus on the following points:

  1. Oppose launching a wider war (end support of Israel's war, no strike against Iraq)
  2. Support Civil Liberties
  3. Demand funding for HUMAN needs, not military spending

ADC is a co-sponsor of this event, and the visibility and participation of Arab Americans is extremely important. We need to unite our voices with all those who share our conerns and our values to resist the challenges we face at home and abroad. Organizers ask that you bring a bell, alarm clock, whistle, pot or pan, or something with which to make a lot of noise and WAK UP WASHINTON! Similar rallies will be held throughout the US on this day.

Arab Center of Washington

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