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April 08, 2002
Palestinians report Israelis raping women

By Anthony Rzook


I am Anthony Razook, I am writing to you tonight, the local time here is 9:49pm in the night time, in Bethlehem, Palestine. I came with some friends to the camp of the Antiochian Orthodox in the United States, some few years back, and now I am writing to you all in distress for some help for our peoples in Palestine. Last night, the Israeli tanks and military personal, broke into our homes, they entered my sister and her husband's home around 2:30 in the morning this morning. They proceeded to attack my sister, one of the military men made attacks on her that were not appropriate, he violated her in more than one way. My sister is 4 months pregneat,and for sure she has most likely lost the baby, when he was finished violating her, two other army men did the same thing. When she refused and tried to fight them off, they beat her, more in the stomach, her husband Marwahn was shot three times in the back of the neck, when he tried to stop them, this morning at around 5 in th! e morning he died from the wounds. When they stopped violating my sister they then threw her on the bed, all of this horrible things were witnesse by her seven year old son, my nephew Michel. At the end of them beating and violating my sister, they then stole her jewelry, her monies, and some other things, at that point they went and totally destroyed different things in her apartment home. As of this morning, she feels that she had a miscarriage of the baby, also, these same solidiers came into our home, and we were blessed from God that my father had cash (almost two thousand shekals) and he gave it to the soliders, he also took gold from his own neck, from myself, and my younger sister and my mother. The soliders in hebrew, (we understand hebrew) told my father that his wife was too old and un attractive to have sexually things with, and that we should feel lucky about this- but that they had all shared the woman in the apartment before ( my sister) - then my mother asked to please allow the soliders to bring medicine for my sister, and to please help to remove my brother in law body, from the apartment, they would not, my poor mother was to afraid to cry, as to what had happend because they would kill us too- please, you must help us. We are being persecuted and their is not an end in sight. Your country doesn't allow you to know the news of what is really happening to our peoples. In Nablus, their were calls ! made from cell phones that tell us that over 86 womans were raped and beaten and theirs is manys of people men, their husbands that have been killed when they are trying to stop these soliders. Your government is standing and allowing this to happen. None of the arabic countries are helping us? What are we to do? Please help us, I must go- i was gracious from God to have enough batteruy in my lap computer to send u this e-mail. i am scared that i will not be able to read ur responses, please help us, please, send this email to anyone who care to help the christians in Palestine,

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