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April 08, 2002
In Defense of Chris Mathews

By M. Johnson


Dear NileMedia reader: Quite a few of you have written to defend Chris Mathews. Here is a sample of those who think the annual 'NileMedia bigot of the year award' should have been given to some other 'journalist'. We did not make up any of our facts about Chris Mathews or MSNBC. And Chris Mathews has a large enough podium to defend his record. But, in a spirit of fair play, we felt it important to note that many disapprove of our choice.

In Defense of Chris Mathews
By M. Johnson
(a reader from Hawai)

Excellent site. Wish more people could see it. I fear you are probably preaching to the choir. I have one comment to make, however, regarding Chris Mathews, who you awarded the Bigot prize to. I have seen Mr. Matthews come down very strongly on the side of the Palestinians when debating Zionists. Just the other day, he referred to the Palestinians as living in the fourth world, so bad was their poverty and despair. To be fair, he will give pro-Palestinian guests an equally difficult time, but I admire that. That's how truth is often arrived at. Nonetheless, I have heard him make several suprisingly strong pro-Palestinian remarks in recent weeks, much to the consternation of his nonplussed right-wing guests. I also suggest you keep an eye on CNN's Bob Novak. He is one of the few that dare find fault with Israel (which he does constantly). Also worth noting is Jeff Cohen of Fairness and Accuracy in Media. He went into a lengthy tirade last week on Fox News Watch about the media's hands-off approach to Israel and the danger of criticizing in any way her policies or leaders. You should also check out Pat Buchanan's recent batch of articles on World Net Daily (run by the disgusting Zionist lapdog Joseph Farrah). Very to the point.

One other thing. I would really like to see a concentrated effort on all Pro-Arab sites to make it clear that we condemn terrorism. I wish all these sites had a link to Naomi Shihab Nye's "Open Letter to Terrorists", one of the greatest articles I've ever read.

Please keep up the excellent work. God bless you.

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