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April 11, 2002
CNN supports Sharon by distorting news

By Ali Muzeini


On CNNI today (11am & 12pm/Gmt) was Powells meeting with the EU, UN and Russian officials in Madrid. Their joint declaration, as read out by UN chief Kofi Annan, called on both sides to defuse the situation, but focused especially on the need for Israel to begin immediately withdrawing their forces from West Bank towns. But this was NOT played back on CNNI, what we heard Annan reading out was ONLY the part dealing with the terrorism of the Palestinians The part demanding Israels withdrawal was CUT OUT. This gave the impression that it was only the Palestinians whom were to blame and required to act.

The exact opposite was played back on the BBC (12pm/Gmt), that Israel must withdraw immediately -- this perhaps reflecting the main focus of the groups joint statement as the cause of the conflict escalating precipitously.

CNNI's edited version is a deliberate slanting of the news as has been shown in previous examples. The deliberate snips and cuts in the footage at precise points that leaves out the criticism of the Israelis is evidence, not conjecture, but EVIDENCE to you all that there is one hell of a crooked producer behind this. The conveyance of accurate news to CNNI's audience was in effect sabotaged again, further downgrading CNNI's reputation as an authoritative news source.

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