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April 14, 2002
Berkeley Radio station leads way in using internet to confront mass media drivel



Berkeley Radio station leads way in using internet to confront mass media drivel

Below is a url address to a radio station in berkeley that broadcasts daily live interviews with internationals and palestinians experiencing and witnessing the atrocities of the israeli military. in light of these interviews that i have heard, i would also like to say that i am disgusted by the lack of journalistic integrity of the vast majority of news networks, especially those like msnbc, cnn, the new york times. people-women and children as young as 7 yrs old- are being murdered in cold blood, tortured, made to urinate on themselves, strippied, handcuffed, their houses are demolished with people in them, raped, beaten, bombed...the list goes on...will you dare to listen?

I urge you all to listen to these interviews and read the excerpts in order to truly comprehend what is presently happening to these poor people. and i hope, that in light of what you will hear, those media outlets who perpetuate the lies and bias of the israelis, will correct your perspective. hopefully you will all consider contacting these people and help them have their stories heard. if you chose to listen, and then ignore these claims, i would like to understand how you can sleep at night?

I furthermore urge all of you, to post this link on your respective websites so that people may hear the facts.


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