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September 05, 2001
seeking international volunteers



For Distribution to internationals living in the West Bank,

The Christian Peacemaker Team in Hebron is seeking international volunteers to assist in their work because of the dramatic increase in requests they have received from families in the Hebron area for violence-deterring presences.

The work could include staying overnight with Palestinian families who have suffered attacks from soldiers and settlers (Often Friday- Sunday are the days of highest violence), documenting settler invasions and attacks, accompanying team members on visits to threatened families, helping families harvest crops and move their produce to market, patrolling neighborhoods where there is a lot of settler and soldier harassment etc.

The team does not know from week to week what new crisis will come up and right now the calls for help far exceed the human resources of the team. Having international volunteers will give the teams more options for outreach until such time as CPT reservists and delegations are able to come to the team's aid. Saturday afternoons and evenings require the most help.

Volunteers will be screened by the team and given an orientation in advance of their work with families. It would be helpful, though not required, if volunteers brought along cellular phones.

Please direct inquiries to CPTheb@palnet.com