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September 13, 2001
The American Holy War

By Jeffrey Rose


Concerned Americans must launch a pre-emptive strike against terrorists and our own government by holding them accountable for their previous actions. What is going to happen to immigration in the next few months and years? How many check-points will we have on roads? How long before anonymous e-mail goes underground and into the hands of hackers, privacy concious individuals and terrorists?

Americans are asking the 'who' and 'what' questions about terrorism now. We will chide our government and our politicians will have a demagogic feast with the 'where' and 'when' questions concerning these ignonimious acts. But the 'why' remains to be answered, indeed it is scarcely being asked.

Other questions come to mind. Why are the media "experts" almost all white and considerably Jewish? Why are virtually no Arabs being interview on TV while simultaneously, the spitballers on Fox pre-emptively refer to "mastermind terrorist" Osama Bin Laden in order to whip up hate and fury?

When will television give us the real Osama bin Laden story, the one that starts in 1979 with the CIA, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan spending 40 billion dollars to fund and train Islamic Fundamentalists? Hopefully before they start bombing the hell out of Afghanistan and other countries so that at least a majority of Americans can gain some perspective.

How long before the citizens of this great country demand to know why we didn't back the Anti-communist democrats but the crazies in Afghanistan because we thought spreading militant Islam throught the region would destabalize the ethnic balance of Soviet Communist Asia and therefore destroy communism? When will we rise in anger because the US keeps troops on Saudi soil to protect the monarchy against revolt from its own citizens? Its not like this is secret information.

Government and Media is the dog chasing its tail. They usually play happily together. Why would there be campaign finance reform when politicians have to pay for political ads? Its a nice insular system of community of interests. The regular paroxysms of self-congratulation in our twin corridors of power and infotainment have given way to shudders of disbelief and certainly much planning and plotting.

Most likely our government will sell us war to make peace. The butcher Ariel Sharon says that together America and Israel can fight terrorism. Right. Look how well its working in Israel and multiply that by some inconceivable number. Yitzak Rabin said Sharon would make a good leader if he were not such an inveterate liar. That speaks volumes from a man who was assasinated for daring to even loosen the blinders that stubborn Israel still refuses to remove. Now they want to impose them on us.

Its not going to work. We need massive demonstrations of students and other citizens who demand we confront the scars and wounds inflicted by America during the Cold War and current Globilization. We must make our governmnent serve its own people's best interest and not the interest of the few who feel it is their manifest destiny to rule the entire world. This is our Holy War. The reverse is totalitarianism with Mercedez Benz, Big Macs and massive stupidity. What happens if the economy tanks and we lose our Mercedez'?