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September 12, 2001
Arab Center of washington - Press Release



September 11, 2001

Arab Center Statement on Terrorist Acts in New York and Washington

Seattle--The Arab Center of Washington condemns the acts of terrorism that occurred this morning in New York and Washington, DC. We are deeply shocked and saddened by the incomprehensible acts and our hearts and prayers go to all those who were lost or injured and their families.

As a community activist group, the Arab Center works in the interest of multi-cultural understanding and justice in the world. We hope that our great nation will recover from this calamity, and find the courage and the resolve to use today’s human disaster to work for peace for all of humanity.

There are approximately 27,500 Arabs residing in Washington State (2000 Census, Zogby International).

As Americans deal with anger towards the faceless perpetrators, we appeal to them to temper anger with tolerance towards any ethnic or religious groups. As we learned from Pearl Harbor and the internment of Japanese-Americans, the easiest path is to improperly stereotype groups of people based on the political acts of a few individuals. In the short term, we are especially concerned for the well being of our children in schools, and the innocent Arab-Americans and immigrants who may face discrimination. We will be working within our community to prepare them to handle such difficulties.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured and the families of those who fell.

Issued by Arab Center of Washington

About the Arab Center of Washington

The Arab Center of Washington is a local cultural and educational organization representing Arab-American community members and their families in Washington State.