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October 30, 2001
Please help Palestine Media Watch



Dear NileMedia Reader: Over the course of the last year, a number of media monitoring groups have taken on the Israel Firsters who have the mass media in a lock box. We especially commend the efforts of Ahmed Bouzid and his partners at Palestine Media Watch. Check out their site at PMWatch.org and you will see for yourself that they have performed an admirable job of confronting the anti-Palestinian bias in the 'national' press. PMwatch now needs the support of the community. We can't just expect the efforts of PMwatch to flourish on the strength of our applause. Dig into your checkbook and help these folks out. The following is a rare personal appeal from PMWatch's president, Ahmed Bouzid for assistance. Please respond to this appeal with your generous support.

Dear PMWatchers, all:

From day one, back in October 21, 2000, Palestine Media Watch has purposefully avoided receiving any financial support from any interest group, organization, or any entity other than individuals. PMWatch has jealously guarded its total independence from moneyed interests and has therefore retained complete freedom of action to pursue its vision unfettered.

But as we undertake a second year in our mission to help mobilize constant pressure on the American media, we need your support. The PMWatch bills have been footed up to now by a handful of people - literally - and we are feeling the crunch.

We need financial support to help us defray our web-hosting fees, our printing, copying, mailing, telephone, etc. costs, and various other little expenses that over time amount to a lot.

Please pitch in with whatever you can by sending in a donation to the address below:

Palestine Media Watch
P.O.Box 628
Southeastern, PA 19399

Thank you for your help and support.

Ahmed Bouzid
Palestine Media Watch