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October 31, 2001
Joint Israeli Palestinian Declaration





The window of opportunity created by the international desire to unite against terror following the criminal acts of September 11th is in danger of closing. Our region is being dragged to the brink of an unnecessary war by the acts of extremists on both sides. We, the undersigned, believe that we represent the majority on each side in our rejection of terror in all its forms. We demand the immediate implementation of the Mitchell Report and in particular:

  • an immediate end to all violence and assassinations
  • an immediate cessation of all settlement activity
  • return to permanent status negotiations based on UN Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338 and building on the progress achieved in previous negotiation rounds.

In the current climate of mistrust and mutual hostility, we believe that the above goals can be achieved only with the support of the international community and through international monitoring. Despite the violence of the last year, we still believe that a peace agreement can be reached in the near future, ending the occupation and the conflict between our two peoples, and realizing the solution of two states living side by side based on the June 4th 1967 borders.

Palestinian Signatories: Yasser Abed Rabbo, Minister of Culture and Information; Tayyeb Abdul Rahim, Secretary-General of the President's Office; Nabil Amr, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs; Hisham Abdul-Razek, Minister of Detainees and Freed Detainees Affairs; Hikmat Zeid, Minster of Agriculture; Hakam Bala'wi, PLC member; Qaddura Faris, PLC member; Mohammad Horani, PLC member; Jamal al-Shobaki, PLC member; Ziad Abdul-Fattah, Chairman of WAFA (Palestinian News Agency); Saman Khouri, Director-General, Palestine Media Center; Jamal Zaqout, Director-General, Ministry of Civil Affairs; Hafez al-Barghouti, Chief Editor, al-Hayat al-Jadida daily; Ghassan al-Khatib, Head, Jerusalem Media and Communication Center; Su'ad al-Ameri, Director, RIWAQ (Center for Architectural Conservation); Fouad Mughrabi, Director, Qattan Foundation; Samir Rantisi, Advisor to the Minister of Information; Ghaith al-Omari, Lawyer.

Israeli Signatories: Yossi Sarid, MK; Anat Maor, MK; Prof. Arie Arnon, Peace Now; Avshalom Vilan, MK; Collette Avital, MK; Daniel Levy, Economic Cooperation Foundation; Prof. Galia Golan, Peace Now; Gavri Bargil, The Kibbutz Movement; Haim Oron; Janet Aviad, Peace Now; Mordechai Baron, Historian; Prof Ernesto Kahan Physicians for Peace Moria Shlomot, Peace Now; Mossi Raz, MK; Naomi Hazan, MK; Ran Cohen, MK; Ron Pundak, Peres Peace Center; Shulamit Aloni, advocate; Adv. Tzali Reshef, Peace Now; Yael Dayan, MK; Yair Tzaban; Yossi Beilin.; Prof. Yuli Tamir; Zehava Galon, MK; Rabbi Yitzhak Frenkental, Bereaved Parents Circle; Roni Hirshenson, Bereaved Parents Circle; Prof. Moshe Halbertal; Nawaf Masalha, MK; Prof. Martin Bunzl; Prof. Debra Hertz; MK Eitan Cabel, MK.

Ernesto Kahan MD MPH
Head Epidemiology
Department of Family Medicine
Tel Aviv University