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November 01, 2001
Update on Samer Bishawi

By Calista Weichel


Update on Samer Bishawi
By Calista Weichel

Two days ago Samer was removed form the "LIST". The hold was lifted. Thank you EVERYONE who spoke out for him. I was contacted by the FBI and they told me that they contacted Immigration Headquarters and they even called the Assistant District Director personally at my request.

HOWEVER........the Assistant District Director, Nancy Alcantar, refused my requests yesterday to call Headquarters to help expedite this.

She said she was not going to call and that she was not deporting him until Headquarters contacted HER!

I tried to contact Immigration Headquarters in Washington DC myself, yesterday. Another labyrinth of "please hold" and I "held" until the offices were closed....

If i may request one last thing

Please call Immigration Offices and demand that they UPDATE THEIR RECORDS! He is been now 38 days in jail
and Day 3 since the HOLD WAS LIFTED!

Immigration DC 202-514-2000
or 202 514-4316
or 202-514-4330
or 202-514-4354

In addition two Journalists have contacted me, one from the Columbia University and the other from Oakland California. They tell me that they are eager to report Samer's story.

Please if I might ask you to push for one more day.

Please calll your representative again and explain to them that Samer has been cleared and now he sits in the jail only waiting for an update of information to pass from Immigration Headquarters to the District Director of Deportation in San Francisco.

I want to thank everyone again from the BOTTOM of my heart.

Calista Weichel