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November 26, 2001
Israel's policy of provocation

From PMWatch


Israel's policy of provocation www.fairnews.org/pmw/features/provocation.html

PMWATCH - Nov. 23, 2001 -- The prevailing view in the United States is that whatever violent actions Israel engages in -- from assassinating members of the Palestinian leadership, to demolishing houses, closing down whole towns and villages, prooting orchards, shelling civilian areas, shooting Palestinian rock throwers -- Israel is forced to engage in them to ensure its own security.

This view, however, is clearly belied by a well-established pattern of behavior (for anyone who has been following the conflict) that produces the exact opposite effect: tightening the cycle of violence even further and creating conditions that make a transition toward a peaceful resolution more and more difficult.

Below is a snapshot example of just such a series of actions by Israel during November, 2001, that show in no uncertain terms a willful and eliberate Israeli policy of ensuring that the Palestinians are kept at the boiling point, so that a suicide bomber or two may tip to the other side, hence allowing Israel to justify its violence against Palestinians.

Especially glaring is the November 23 assassination of a Hamas leader, along with 6 other Palestinians, taking place after weeks of no suicide bombings, as Arafat continues to do his utmost to calm the Palestinian side, and almost literally on the eve of the arrival of a new US negotiating team to supposedly help start talks that Ariel Sharon has minced no words in opposing.

Israel provoking Hamas on eve of arrival of new US envoy: IDF kills 7 Palestinians, including key Hamas leader
"Israel Kills Hamas Official"
Los Angeles Times
November 23, 2001

Gush Shalom on explosions killing 5 Palestinian boys
Gush Shalom
November 23, 2001

IDF planting booby traps in civilian areas, killing 5 Palestinian boys
"Ben-Eliezer orders probe into deaths of 5 boys in Gaza blast"
November 23, 2001

Committee Against Torture says Israel's policy of closures and demolitions of Palestinian homes may amount to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment Amnesty International
November 23, 2001

Deliberate killing of Palestinian children by IDF uncovered by B'tselem
"Death of a Child: How Israel's Army Responds"
November 13, 2001

Palestinians shot at close range: cold blooded killing of Palestinians by IDF soldiers witnessed by Red Crescent workers Lee Hockstader - Washington Post
November 7, 2001

Isreal violating the Geneva Conventions "International Committee of the Red Cross Condemns Israel's Violation of International Law"
Palestine Media Center
November 5, 2001

Israeli soldiers killing Palestinian Children "for sport"
"A Gaza Diary"
Chris Hedges - Harper's
October, 2001


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