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May 23, 2001
London Press Club Award goes to Suzanne Goldenberg



Dear NileMedia Reader: We are pleased to report that Suzanne Goldenberg of The Guardian has been awarded the London Press Club's prestigious Edgar Wallace award for her outstanding writing. Like her colleagues at the Independent, Robert Fisk and Phil Reeves, she has been delivering the message of the Palestinian uprising to the world. There is no greater calling for a journalist than to give the readers a precise accounting of a people's struggle for freedom against a foreign occupation army. Last year it was Australian and Kiwi journalists who rallied the world on behalf of the long suffering people of East Timor. And it was British and French journalists who wrote a full accounting of Serb atrocities against Bosnians and Kosovars. We applaud them all and we congratulate Suzanne Goldenberg and her editors for the honor they bring to the profession of journalism. Finally, we encourage English speaking audiances around the world, especially the intellectually starved masses on this side of the pond, to check out The Guardian and The Independent, as an alternative to the American mass media drivel.


To read some of Ms. Goldenberg's pieces, please go to:

Award for Guardian's reporter in Jerusalem
'Courageous and objective journalism'
Tuesday May 1, 2001
The Guardian

Suzanne Goldenberg, the Guardian's Jerusalem correspondent, was yesterday awarded the London Press Club's prestigious Edgar Wallace award for outstanding writing.

The judges commended her coverage of the Middle East, an area they said was uniquely difficult to report, as "exemplary examples of courageous and objective journalism".

Peter Preston, the former editor of the Guardian, was also commended, as was Guardian Unlimited in the new media category.