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May 25, 2001
ISRAEL: Your Only Choice

By Sam Bahour


Blood is being spilled. The Arab World masses and governments are engaged. The world community is fed up with yet another threat of war in the Middle East due to the recurrent core issue of the Palestinians. Actions on the ground portray the ugliness of our potential future. Tensions are threatening a rapidly dwindling spiral of all-out-war which, if reached, will commission an entirely new generation to being an Occupier and another being brought up in a culture of Resistance. Citizens of Israel - are you ready to live with this reality for the rest of your lives.

Israel, you have one, and only one choice - end your 33 year military and economic occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem as stipulated by numerous United Nation resolutions and the collective will of the entire world. This reality is better acknowledged by you, rather than be continually hung on the world's clothesline of injustice.

Israel, you are beyond saving face for your actions during the last century. A moderate Palestinian leadership tried its utmost, through the Oslo Peace Accords, to give you an opportunity to exit the historic wrongdoing you have committed upon the indigenous people of Palestine. You refused to implement Oslo. During the peace talks you increased the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza at a mind-boggling rate, you kept an iron fist policy on the Palestinian economy, you demolished Palestinian homes, you confiscated even more Palestinian lands under the premise of creating a settler road network, and you used, and are still using Palestinian political prisoners as bargaining chips. In short, you humiliated an entire people then you failed to seize the opportunity by them to forgive and forget. Now you, and no one but you will have to face the raw facts and deal with the consequences of your actions.

Israel, the 33-year refusal to excersize your only choice has now potentially put your country and your allies at a tremendous risk for years to come with your children at the front lines. This is ironic given your historic preoccupation with your need for security. Nevertheless, you and only you are responsible for your actions. Now, you and your international ally, the United States, must now live with this new reality because it is one of your own making. We can only hope that your military-style pride will not blind your common sense and that you have now learned, as expensive as that lesson has now become, that your only choice must be rendered without any further delay.

Israel, the cards are squarely on your table. Your military machine can open multiple military fronts and hope - - a deficient hope in my opinion - - that the world remains paralyzed to respond. Your prize here would be your ability to continue an internationally exposed and denounced military and economic occupation of the Palestinians, maybe for another half-century if you are really successful. Israel, this is not an option but rather a death sentence to the conscious of every Jew worldwide.

We either plan to literally wipe each other off the map or minimize the outrageous damage that has been perpetrated and come to our political senses. The decision is totally yours. Is the State of Israel finally ready to join the Middle East? We will not live the new millennium under Israel occupation, thus, your time is limited and your choice is a single one.

Al-Bireh, Palestine