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May 25, 2001
Right of Return issue paper by Ibish/Abunimah now out



New ADC Issue Paper "The Palestinian Right of Return" Now Available

The ADC Research Institute is pleased to announce the publication of its 30th Issue Paper, The Palestinian Right of Return, written by ADC Communications Director Hussein Ibish and ADC member and Chicago-based media critic Ali Abunimah.

The issue paper lays out the case for the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their original homes and land in what is now the state of Israel. It examines the background to the refugee problem and the historical and legal circumstances under which the refugees lay claim to the right to go back to their homes and homeland. A contrast between western reactions to the right of return in Kosovo and Palestine is provided as a useful indication of the international climate on refugee rights and widespread moral inconsistencies in responses to the rights of Kosovar and Palestinian refugees. As a necessary element in making the case for the right of return, the issue paper identifies and responds to the standard arguments against the right of return for Palestinians. The issue paper concludes with a note on the right of return in international law. The purpose of this study is to present the case for the Palestinian right of return in its most fundamental aspects. It is intended as a guide and handbook for those who advocate on behalf of these refugees and their rights. The attention placed on arguments against the right of return and effective responses to those arguments is intended to provide a set of tools to the activist and advocate to respond to opposition and objections. The note on international law similarly is intended to ground arguments for the right of return in their proper legal context and to provide activists with a thumbnail sketch of what aspects of international law guarantee the right of return, and why and how they do so.

ADC Issue Paper 30, The Palestinian Right of Return, is available from ADC in hard copy for $6.25 per copy. It is also online in PDF format on adc.org at

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