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March 26, 2001
Crushed Skulls!

By Al-Awda


Crushed Skulls!

Jabri Ahmad Hamdan, 44 years old from Dora Al-Khalil, has been found killed last night, 23 March 2001, near Halmeesh settlement to the north of Ramallah. He was violently beaten till death by Israeli settlers all over his body and head. Eyewitnesses have stated having seen bloodstained rocks in the area. After having examined his body, medical officials stated that Hamdan has died one week ago, for signs of rottenness and decay were found around his wounds.

A similar brutal act took place last week, as well. Muhammad Nassar, a ten-year old Palestinian boy was kidnapped, tortured and killed by Israeli settlers in the nearby forest of Nabi Ya'coub settlement near Jerusalem. How beautiful does a forest seem spreading over a number of hillsides! Yet, when approaching the forest, passing some lines of trees, standing within shades of myriad bushes and trees, hearing leaves moving and feeling the crawling of insects, one wishes to retreat, to be exposed to sunlight once again. I wonder what Muhammad Nassar has felt that day? The innocent child was found dead, brutally tortured, his skull smashed, crushed and deformed with stones, left to die within the nearby forest without having the chance to see the sunlight, to live his childhood, and to avoid deadly torture, which he and other innocent civilians have been subjected to.

Within gloomy forests, near those Israeli settlements, tortured bodies, soft skulls, weak bones and innocent souls lay helpless, fearful and hurting. How could a "civilized", "peaceful", "loving" and "God Chosen" person ever commit such a brutal act? Isn't it enough that the indigenous child's land was confiscated, turned into a forest and a nearby settlement, inhabited by foreign Israeli settlers? How can the "democratic" Israeli State justify such an act, pretend to overlook it and move beyond it? Isn't this State terror? Isn't this a barbaric cold-blooded act of lynching? Why are Israeli killers, soldiers, settlers and high officials granted the right to kill, end and control lives, while the rightful Palestinian nation is deprived of its childhood, its right to life, dignity and freedom?

The Women's Affairs Technical Committee strongly denounces such acts of terror and calls upon all human rights organizations to act against such viscous, terror and inhuman acts.


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