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Action alert!
Free Hanna Abu Khdeir



On March 12, AIC staff member Hana Abu-Khdeir was arrested in her home in Shu`afat. Hana (age 29) has worked at the AIC for three years, and she is also a student in accounting and Hebrew. On March 13, the judge ruled that Hana's interrogation would be conducted behind closed doors, and her lawyer has been forbidden from meeting with her.

It is clear that Hana's arrest is completely without grounds, and is simply aimed at applying pressure on her family. Approximately one month ago, her brother Nasser Abu-Khdeir and his wife Abir Abu- Khdeir were violently arrested in their home; since then, Hana has been taking care of Nasser and Abir's four children, ages 2-12. To date,no charges have been made against them, and their lawyer has been denied access. Abir is a former staff member of the AIC.

In light of past practices of the Israeli Police and security services, we are concerned about Hana, Abir and Nasser's welfare and the conditions of their interrogation and confinement. The US State Department's recently-released Country Reports on Human Rights Practices determined that: "Israeli security forces abused Palestinians in detention suspected of security offenses… There were numerous credible allegations that police beat persons in detention. Three Palestinian prisoners died in Israeli custody under ambiguous circumstances during the year. Prison conditions are poor. Prolonged detention, limits on due process, and infringements on privacy rights remained problems." www.state.gov/g/drl/rls/hrrpt/2000/nea/index.cfm?docid=882

Here's what you can do:

* Send a letter to the new Israeli Minister of Justice Meir Shetreet ( mshitrit@knesset.gov.il). Demand that the Abu-Khdeirs receive full access to their lawyers, that they be ensured due process under law, and that any interrogation and legal proceedings be made public.

* Furthermore, Hana is a US citizen, which means the US Consul General in Jerusalem has a responsibility to look after her rights. Send him and the Ambassador a letter requesting that they fulfill their consular duties to ensure Hana receive fair and humane treatment, due process, and regular consular visits.
Consul General Ron Schlicher (972-2-624-9462 facsimile)
Ambassador Martin Indyk (972-3-516-0315 facsimile)