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March 23, 2001
Fighting the Good Fight

By Ahmed Bouzid


Dear all:

What makes Palestine Media Watch special is its grass-roots nature. PMWatch is totally supported by its membership. We receive no financial support from any interest group, government agency, or any other third party. That is what makes us independent to pursue our agenda of pressing the media to cover the Palestinian-Israeli conflict fairly and accurately.

In that spirit, we count on our membership and only on our membership to help promote Palestine Media Watch and its cause.

One simple way of promoting our cause is by placing small adds in various college newspapers.

A small add usually will run you between twenty and fifty dollars, depending on the paper and the number of words.

Why college newspapers?

Colleges are where you can find young people -- and young people are more often than not open to seeing the truth and to speaking up against major injustice, such as the plight of Palestinians. They are also highly educated, articulate, and have the time and freedom to act on their beliefs. If you are interested in helping us spread the word about Palestine Media Watch, please place the following announcement in your college newspapers:

Are you tired of a media bent on distorting the facts about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Are you tired of a media that presents the Israelis as the victims and the Palestinians as the aggressors? If so, please join the media gadflies of Palestine Media Watch at: www.pmwatch.org

The total word count is 47 words.

To locate colleges your are in, please go to:

Remember, the more people participate in our effort, the more impact we will together have.

If you would like to distribute a flier about PMWatch, please go to:

Thanks all for your support.


Ahmed Bouzid