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June 28, 2001
Outposts Of Deceit



Gush Shalom ad published in Ha'aretz, June 29, 2001


This week:

# On Tuesday, the Minister of Defense announced a plan for the immediate dismantling of 15 settlement "outposts".

# On Wednesday, the Prime Ministers office announced that there is no such plan.

# On Thursday, new outposts were put up by the settlers, on camera.

Seemingly, different voices. But all of them belong to the same government that lies to Europe, lies to America, lies to us.

The truth is that this government is ready to drag us all into a general war in the Middle East in order to prevent the freeze of the settlements and the dismantling of the outposts.

One has to be mad to go and die in such a war.

Today we shall take part in a non-violent protest demonstration of the villagers of al-Khader against the outpost put up on their land by the land robbers of Efrat settlement. For peace, for life -

Dismantle All The Outposts Immediately!

Gush Shalom,
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