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June 20, 2001
Urgent: Volunteers for Arab Festival 2001 in Seattle



Ali, Jacque, and Emily are the volunteer organizers for the Arab Festival 2001, July 14,15. We need volunteers in the following categories: Food Servers, Cooks, Info Booth, ACW vendor booth, Drink stand, Coffee house (outside), Coffee reading (making, and serving coffee for cup reading), clean up, and more...

We need all the support and help we can get, to make our Arab Festival a success!

Please email back a response letting us know what you would like to participate in and on which day! Each shift will consist of 4 hours and you have a choice of working saturday or sunday!

Again, please respond via email or call Ali at
253-373-1933 (hm)

Please include your name, email and phone number.

We look forward to many more volunteers!

Thank You,

Ali, Emily, Jacque