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August 22, 2001
Defend the Palestinians: Rally Against Sharon

From Mazin Qumsiyeh


The visit of Ariel Sharon and other top Israeli war criminals to New York City on Sunday, September 23 cannot be ignored. This visit of top Israeli politicians and the giant war rally for Israel planned for New York on September 23 are an effort to gain public support and to increase the more than $10 million dollars a day of U.S. funding for Israel's brutal occupation and repression. Arial Sharon was found guilty of the September 1982 massacre at the Sabre and Shatila refugee camp during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. More than 2,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children were massacred. As Prime Minister, his crimes continue to this day. His visit comes on the one-year anniversary of the heroic Al Aqsa Infitada. It is urgent that we show our united opposition to all those who are applauding these war criminals. We urge: All people who support the rights of the Palestinian people,

All people who support human rights, All people who oppose racism and oppression

To protest this visit of War Criminal Ariel Sharon Thousands strong we will demand:

  • End U.S aid to Israel
  • End The Occupation
  • Right of Return for Palestinians
  • Right of Palestinians to a sovereign state with Jerusalem as their capital

    Stand with Palestine Sunday, September 23
    Gather at Times Square 1:00 PM
    March on the Israeli Mission

    Endorsed by:

  • Al Awda Right of Return Coalition,
  • International Action Center,
  • Palestine Action Committee (U. Mass),
  • Ramsey Clark,
  • Latin Council For Latin American Advancement (MA),
  • Global Exchange,
  • Vieques Support Campaign,
  • Westchester Campaign for
  • Middle East Justice, Jews Against the Occupation,
  • Muslim Youth Movement,
  • Palestine Solidarity Committee,
  • National Consultative Forum on Palestine (S. Africa),
  • Committee for Palestine,
  • Deir Yasseen Committee of Ramallah,
  • MADRE,
  • ISO,
  • Center for Economic & Social Rights (CESR),
  • American Muslim Alliance (NY)

    Add your organization as an endorser. Help Build this demonstration, Pass the word Al Awda Right of Return Coalition: www.al-awda.org