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September 05, 2001
NileMedia Reader questions integrity of BBC

By Karim Goadri


Dear Nile Media, I believe that the reason Israel and Zionists have succeeded in manipulating the news is in part due to the direct ownership of news organizations but mainly due to the fact that they have been able to force media organizations, columnists, journalists and editors to be specially sensitive to their concerns. For too long we have shied away from criticizing "prestigious" news organizations like BBC because we believed in their judgement and fairness. The BBC coverage of Conference on Racism is a clear indication that this news organization, if is any better than the likes of CNN, it is only because its audiences are different than that of CNN, not because it wants to do fair reporting. The behavior of BBC during this conference is clearly bias. No Palestinian has been allowed to comment on why they believe that Israel is a racist state, no Israeli official has been asked direct questions whether they deny the accusations about their discriminatory practices. On top of that, to allow a bigot like Benjamin Nethanyahu who seems to be one of the architects of Israeli misinformation industry, to come on TV and make a statement about the fact that Israel has saved "blacks" from Africa rather than enslaving them without any comment or explanation to the audience of the context of that statement, is in my view nothing short of deliberate misinformation. In my opinion if you wish to continue recommending BBC to your readers, it should be with caution and I hope in the near future there would be enough alternative resources that BBC and the likes of it could be completely dropped as legitimate sources of information on this conflict.

Karim Goadri