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March 28, 2001
Palestinians have nothing to lose

A letter from Lily


A famous Irishman by the name of Oscar Wilde once wrote "The most dangerous man is he who has nothing to lose". Over the years Israelis have ensured that the Palestinians literally have nothing to lose, they have "taken" their land, homes, freedom, living, and most importantly, their children. Hence the recent suicide bombings.

Perhaps if Kofi Annan (who is after all, Secretary General of the UN) plucked up the courage to defy America and insisted on Israeli compliance with UN resolutions 194 and 242, then the Palestinians would have their rights and nothing left to fight for.

I also hope that when Washington attempts to enforce its latest "brainwave" of bribing Iraq's neighbours (with Iraq's money no less!) into agreeing to have UN monitors on their borders that they remember; were it not for America's military aid and its veto of yet another UN resolution to send an observer force to protect the Palestinians then this crisis would not have escalated to these levels. Arabs must surely realise by now that America's only concerns in the Middle East is the oil, and protecting Israel's sovereignty at all costs, and if that means the deaths of another one and a half million Iraqis then so be it. I only hope it will not be with the support of any Arab Countries.

Mrs Lily Jamil Al Hadithy
United Kingdom