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June 06, 2001
Persuasive Letter from our youngest contributer, Mr. Faris Jubran

By Faris Jubran


Dear NileMedia Reader: We are honored to publish the work of a new bright light, a young Palestinian-American who shows every prospect of being a great defender of liberty and freedom. We are very touched that he would consider NileMedia as a platform for his first published work. Please welcome our youngest contributer, Mr. Faris Jubran.

To Whom It May Concern
By Faris Jubran
5th Grade student
Bellevue, Washington

I am writing to you because of what happened with the Native American tribe called the Comanche tribe. You drove them from their land then you shot most of their main food.

The Comanche tribes main food was Buffalo and the U.S. government and a bunch of people on a passenger train shot five hundred Buffalo for no reason except for so called "sport". Then the government had another idea, and that was to kill the Buffalo so they could get the hide of the Buffalo and sell it. But the Indians where on the land that had a lot of Buffalo so the Government got another idea, they where going to kill out most of the Buffalo in the area so that you could starve the Comanche onto reservations, so that they could have all the Buffalo hides and sell them for $3.50 each so that you would avoid losing your white men in war with the Indians.

So the Government killed the Buffalo and signed a treaty with the Comanche tribe that you didn't intend to keep and you gave them the south plains from central Kansas into Texas stopping west at the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado. Then a young medicine man said that there was going to be a drought and it really happened and some of the Indians said that they saw him go up to talk to the Great Spirit. The white people started wanting the Comanche's land for space for houses. Then one day the young medicine man said that the Great Spirit gave him medicine so strong that they could over throw the whites from the land that the treaty said was theirs, the joined forces with some other Indian tribes, but first they had to do a five day sun dance. When they where done with the sun dance they went out to battle.

When they got there the whites had already known about the attack because another tribe had tipped off the white so the Indians only killed three people and the whites killed many more, so they never believed that young medicine man again because he had said told them that the Great Spirit had given them enough power to overthrow the whites.

Then the Government was planning on sending an army to force the Indians into Fort Still. Then the army charged at the Comanche tribe while they where sleeping. Then the Indians woke up and started running away leaving everything behind. The army's intention was not to kill the Comanche Tribe but it was to destroy and take all their necessities, they broke down their teepees broke holes in their kettles burned a lot of their stuff and took their horses, which they had left behind. The Comanche where forced to surrender and go to Fort Still. In Fort Still the people took all their weapons and household goods from them.

My opinion is that the government did something wrong because they had promised that land for the Comanche tribe and then sent an army with a general that was a General for the Union in the Civil war (which had been a fey years before the treaty was signed). Then even after they forced them onto Fort Still they took all their household goods from them. This reminds of a similar thing that is happening right now to the Palestinians. The U.S. government is helping Israel do a similar thing to the Palestinians that it did to the Indians back then.

Well thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you agree with me about the Comanche Indian Tribe.

Faris Jubaran