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October 02, 2001
Arab Artists Resource Guide



Dear Artist/Organization,

I would like your help in developing a Resource Guide to be available on artists currently living in Northern America & elsewhere that are Arab or Arab-Americans. This guide will be available to artists and organizations from Arab Artists Resources & Training, a non-profit organization.

The mission of the Arab Artists Resources & Training is helping career-track artists creating fine art in all styles and media to support themselves exclusively by networking together and teaching them how to find and receive grants to help promote their Arab cultural heritage.

Arab Artists Resources & Training is a brand new organization being launched. Please send your name, nationality, place of birth, medium of art, address and telephone number to be placed in our upcoming Resource guide. Once the guide is completed, you will be sent a free copy if you are listed. If you have reservations about your home address being listed in our guide, we understand, but we must have this information so that you may receive your copy. Please just let us know that you do not wish this information to be listed. It would be helpful to us to send a copy of this letter to someone you know or send us their address so that we may contact them.

Currently we have over 70 artists and 20 organization that we will be publishing. Our goal is to reach over 100 artists before our resource guide is completed. Please help us reach this goal by submitting your information to us.

Thank you,
Koloud 'Kay' Tarapolsi
Arab Artists Resources & Training
E-mail: Info@aart.ws
Website: www.aart.ws