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April 19, 2001
URGENT: Action for the protection of Palestinians



From The Global Exchange Palestine Campaign

Quick Fax Action for Palestine!

Dear Friends,

We are currently witnessing a time of severe escalation of the violence against Palestinian civilians. In just a matter of two weeks, over 600 Palestinian homes have been razed to the ground, with more demolitions in the works. The continued US resistance to an international force to protect the Palestinian people, and its biased, unconditional support of the state of Israel's brutal policies against the Palestinians represent a tragic sanctioning of gross human rights abuses. Now is the time to unite in our calls to end the virulent injustices against the Palestinian people and hold the US government accountable for its role in the crisis in Palestine. Click on the link below, enter the required information, and hit "send". Your fax will be instantly sent to Secretary of State Colin Powell's office in Washington DC. You can also cut and paste the fax text and email it to the listed Israeli officials if you are not a US resident.

Please forward this email to all your networks. Together let's flood the State Department with our demands for peace with justice!

In solidarity,
The Global Exchange Palestine Campaign

link to fax action: