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NileMedia's Modest Agenda for 2001


Ahmed Amr,

We have a very modest agenda at NileMedia.com. Our mission is to offer news and editorial content that you can read in the full light of day. We hope to never waver in our commitment to deliver content that squares with the historical record. While our readers might find us slower than the competition at giving you the fastest news, our articles will always be crafted with only the finest of ingredients, the truth.

We think of NileMedia as a fast magazine and a slow newspaper, a hybrid product now made possible by the information revolution. We want our readers to fit us in between the Washington Post and Newsweek, which are both owned by the same company. When they read the Boston Globe, we want our readers to be aware that its publisher, Sulzberger, also operates The New York Times.

When our readers flip through the pages of Time Magazine, we want them to reflect on the damage that CNN has inflicted on the quality of our news. The spin wizards at CNN and Time Magazine are not in the journalism business. Its just entertainment, folks. And while we are taking on adversaries, if you don't like the stench you smell at the FOX network, we want NileMedia readers to thank the skunk called Rupert Murdoch who also prints a daily tabloid called The New York Post.

At some point, we want our audience to search out alternative healthier sources of news and opinion. Just say no to mass media products. Using these products can cause serious brain damage and intellectual deficiencies.

We should take heart from the fact that most Americans, by a margin of 3 to 1, do not trust the national press to get their facts straight. Read NileMedia and you will wonder how 25% of the public continues to retain any faith in the corporate titans who have become a stain on the English speaking press.

Imagine if you will, if General Motors deliberately produce unsafe cars that were unsafe by design. Imagine a company that deliberately processed a food product with a special formula that mandated withholding any ingredients that could possibly nourish the consumer's body. Now consider the abundant evidence that the New York Times consistently and deliberately taints its product to suit its political agenda.

Think of the abundant evidence that the greatest American minds of our century -Chomsky and Edward Said and Ralph Nader, to name a few - are on black lists that deprive the vast majority of Americans from hearing their voices. What the Mass Media tells us is half the sin; the other half is what they choose not to tell us.

On the question of the Palestinians, which is the focus of NileMedia, the main American media outlets have flouted every journalistic ethic. Worse, they are not beyond lacing their work with appeals to religious bigotry and ethnic bias. Add to that, the fact that the mass media's newsrooms and editorial rooms are probably some of the most ethnically and racially segregated work places in the country.

The day will soon come when news consumers will get disgusted enough to demand quality and integrity in the manufacture of content. They will demand ethical journalism and sue the bastards who sell them defective media products. That will be one sorry day for titans like Sulzberger, Turner and Murdoch. The sheer amount of garbage that litters the news archives at CNN, FOX and The New York Times is something the lords of the Media can never walk away from.

When the public turns away from the stench of mass media products, NileMedia hopes to be a part of the new generation of alternative news outlets that will be ready to serve a healthy portion of the truth. So, please spread the word about alternative news sites like NileMedia. Help us achieve our modest agenda to humble the arrogant lords of the mass media.

In the meantime, before readers consume mass media journalism they should check all content for tampering.

January 6, 2001