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NileMedia is an independently operated cyber magazine that seeks to enlighten its readers about the world in general and the Middle East in particular. Our mission is to elevate the debate about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to a level that can withstand the light of day. Given the undeniable pro-Israeli slant that prevades the English language media, we feel the urgent need to remove the muzzle that has been placed on those of us who are Palestinian partisans.

The Palestinians have gotten a raw deal in the English-speaking press for over fifty years. And that has translated into some awful realities on the ground. American journalists, especially those with 'emotional' ties to Israel, have seen fit to manipulate the news to accommodate an American policy that reads like an edict issued by the Israeli government. It is a policy that can only stand on legs of ethnic bias and religious bigotry.

NileMedia cannot hope to correct the balance in this one sided-debate. The Israel Firsters have insisted on talking amongst themselves. And the money infested political process in America has capitulated to the Israel Firsters.

At the very minimum, we want to provide you with an alternative Pro-Palestinian view. But we will not endeavor to match the omission, derision and confusion that the Pro-Israel partisans resort to. We are not that creative and we have a story that is compelling, straight forward and can stand the scrutiny of the historical record. We promise you this. You will get uncensored news and enlightened advocacy. And you will always be able to read NileMedia in the full light of day.

January 6, 2001