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Take us to your leader. Then take us to your reader.


Take us to your leader. NileMedia.com is making an offer that can't be refused by any publisher, except The New York Times and CNN. I would like to acquaint you with a revolutionary new business media concept. NileMedia.com allows other daily newspapers and magazines to republish our articles in print or electronically without any fees. Nada. See a sample of our content below and get more of the same on our website. Distribute freely without even asking for permission to publish. We retain all copy rights. This offer extends only to articles on our website that are attributed to nileMedia editors or journalists. Other content requires permission from the original
publishers. If an article you wish to republish is not clearly attributed to NileMedia, ask us before you publish. Otherwise, feel free to publish and distribute freely.

We challenge you to print the timely article offered as a sample below and see how easy it is to get a boost in circulation or hits or letters-to-the-editor.

How do we do it? We depend on subscriptions only. No advertising. No banner pages. Just voluntary subscriptions. Part of our mission is to break the choke hold of the media titans who have not only twisted the news but have also used quite a bit of omission to hammer their 'point of view' to the exclusion of the vast majority the people of the planet. Help us break that choke hold. And see how quickly we bring the titans to their knees.

So, please take a look, give us a read. Your feedback is welcome.

At NileMedia, we cover National and International news. We also have some intriguing business content on the future of publishing. We leave you with this little bit of wisdom. In the new information age, every publisher and every journalist are not only responsible for the veracity of what they write today, they are also responsible for everything they wrote yesterday. The titans have brand names and archives. The archives are bound to do damage to the brand names, not to mention the daily drivel that passes for news at MSNBC.com, WashPost.com, CNN.com and NYTIMES.com and their associated newspapers and radio and TV stations. The information revolution is bound to restrict the flaunting of ethics by an American Mass Media machine that is controlled by a handful of self-styled opinion makers. The titans of the media can clean up tomorrow morning and no doubt the more intelligent of them will recognize the challenge posed by NileMedia and other nimble and honest competitors. But, there is little they can do about the past performance of their journalists and editors. Their archives are a liability that Philip Morris would not envy.

So, go ahead, take us to your leader.

Regards, Ahmed Amr Publisher NileMedia.com

Contact Information: nileMedia@AOL.com

Sample Article

January 6, 2001